Welcome To The Modern EUO


Better EUOs. Better Results.

QNA Resources is a modern, technology-driven EUO provider that gives your examiners and attorneys a competitive edge in their battle against insurance fraud. Every QNA EUO is video-captured, allowing your claims professionals the benefit of seeing and hearing exactly what your attorneys saw during their examination before they make their claims decisions.

Then, each EUO is expertly transcribed by our dedicated team of state and nationally licensed court reporters to ensure that your EUOS are accurate, professionally transcribed and delivered to you “fast” to keep your claims process moving in a streamlined manner.

And finally, all completed EUO transcripts, exhibits and videos are digitally delivered to your company's private, secure library (created and hosted by QNA) where your authorized support staff and claims personnel enjoy “anytime” access to their EUO transcripts and videos.

Remote EUOs... The Future is Now

Increase productivity and slash windshield time expenditures with QNA's Remote EUO Program.

By combining the proven transcription accuracies of traditional court reporting with the convenience, speed and efficiency of QNA's streamlined EUO ecosystem, your attorneys can now examine a witness "remotely" without leaving the comfort of their office. Time is much too valuable to be spent traveling hours to examine a witness.

Let QNA Resources give you the tools you need to conduct a better EUOs that will save you more time and money than ever before.

Share Case Material Simply and Easily With Authorized Personnel

QNA Resources smart repository allows claims and panel counsel to collaborate on key issues entirely within their private, secure library hosted by QNA Resources.

30-Day Preferred Rate Discount on Every Job

Here's another way QNA saves you money on every transcript. Our 30-Day Preferred Rate Discount. Pay your invoices within 30 days and save even more money off of QNA's already low rates. Call us at (888) 501-0669 for more information and let the savings begin.